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As part of ArtSeva’s mission, volunteers of all ages have the opportunity to learn the true meaning and joy of service. Seva actually means selfless service. Through Seva, volunteers discover that although it may appear that they are doing the giving, they actually experience a sense of being nurtured themselves. Developing qualities of compassion and kindness, and learning to express these qualities in meaningful universal ways is an important aspect of ArtSeva. Volunteers frequently find that an ArtSeva journey is deeply transformative, often life-changing.

For the success and safety of
ArtSeva programs, volunteers are carefully screened.
Volunteers need the following strengths:

• Basic creative skills and enthusiasm

Commitment to helping children

Ability to handle a hot or rainy climate & challenging living conditions

Emotional strength and physical resilience

An encouraging loving spirit.

Experience with children, art materials, travel and volunteering is helpful when applying for an ArtSeva volunteer opportunity.

Travelling internationally is an amazing and often challenging experience. ArtSeva strives to help prepare volunteers for their trip. Currently, ArtSeva bases its main programs in India. Below are some informative details regarding ArtSeva trips.

1. Volunteers are responsible for their own expenses. These expenses include: travel preparation, vaccines, VISA, passport, airfare, accommodation, food, travel within India (ride-sharing when feasible), appropriate clothing, medical care (if needed), etc.

2. Recommendations are available for volunteers regarding travel preparation, travel health, airline tickets, etc. ArtSeva staff can offer assistance to volunteers regarding their arrival in India, coordinating travel, accommodation, etc.

3. Volunteers must make prior arrangements with ArtSeva regarding timelines for travel and participation in ArtSeva programs. Communication is extremely important, as volunteers are vital to the programs, and travel in foreign countries can be unpredictable. Communication within India is best done through email or cell phone.

4. Accommodation may be offered through the site, orphanage or ashram. In this case, the rules of the facility must be respected and followed.

5. Volunteers create a supportive community, often staying in the same hotels, sharing meal recommendations, offering health support, etc.

6. Generally, classes run for part of the day (in the morning or afternoon) for 3-4 hours, including class prep, cleanup, and staff closure. The remainder of the time is free time. Classes run 4-6 days/week. Classes are scheduled for 2-3 week periods at each site.

7. Volunteers should be culturally sensitive. Modest, loose-fitting, or traditional clothing is recommended.

8. It is encouraged that volunteers familiarize themselves with some common Hindi phrases, though not necessary.

9. The focus of ArtSeva is always on the joy of creative expression through suggested themes (not clinical or artistic evaluation).

10. Create your own journey: Be flexible, share inspirations and enjoy the unique spirit of India.



Volunteer Application

Please print clearly


Name: ____________________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________________ State: __________ Zip Code: _________________

Best Phone: __________________________________ Select one: ___ Home ___Work ___Cell

Other Phone: ________________________________ Select one: ___ Home ___Work ___Cell

E-mail: __________________________________ Birth Date:______________________________

Occupation: ___________________________ Employer / School: _____________________________

Select One: ___ Full-time ___ Part-time Major/Degree (If college student): ___________________

Emergency Contact Name: ______________________________Relation:_______________________

Emergency Contact Email: _________________________ Phone Number: _______________________


Briefly respond to the following:


1. How did you hear about ArtSeva ?





2. Have you ever worked with children/teens? If so, in what capacity?





3. Do you have arts-related experience? Briefly describe.







4. Have you traveled internationally? Explain.







5. Do you have experience volunteering? Describe.






6. Why are you interested in volunteering for ArtSeva?






7. How much time would you like to give? Please describe your availability (in terms of weeks, months or time of year).





8. Do you have special ideas for children’s art classes/ programs?









9. Do you feel you are basically emotionally stable and physically healthy? Describe any concerns.








10. Briefly describe your educational and employment background, or you may attach a resume.







11. Do you have any special skills, expertise or hobbies?








12. Is there anything else you would like us to know?










* Please include a Photo and provide 3 references:


•••••••••••••Name •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Relationship ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Phone















I hereby certify that the information provided in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.


Printed Name:_______________________________________________________________________


Signature: _______________________________________________ Date: ______________________


Thank you, we look forward to receiving your application.
Please mail to:

ArtSevaPO Box 5855 • Santa Fe, NM 87502 • USA